Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Online Store Been Set Up.

Kia Ora, I am in the process of setting up a online auction store, to sell a "variety" of items. Most of the items will be available to friends & readers of my blogs, to bid on or to buy, no matter what country they live in. I am looking at setting up a Paypal account, but there will be other options available. I will be open to swaps and I will accept items from your country as payment, that are easy for you to post. A few things I will accept will be - new birthday greeting cards; used phone cards; postcards - new & used. You will no doubt be able to think of other items.
I would like reasonably priced, cheap items that I can re-sell on the auction site.
Once the store is up & running, I'll put more details on here.
You may have to join the auction site, but that is no problem, if all you are going to do is buy. If you wanted to sell on the auction site, it could be a different story.
If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or send me an email.
Krazy Kelvin

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Krazy Kelvin Auction News - Oct / Nov. '08

Fifty Up & Running.........
Fifty - $1 starting bid items finally listed in my first ever attempt in selling on an auction site. There were times when I thought that I would never get there, but I have done it. If you live in another country, but have friends in NZ, tell them about my auction on Zillion. Ask them to bid on your behalf if there is something you are interested in. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get myself sorted and be able to accept your bids. Things that are easy to post, that fit into an A5 or A4 envelope.

My Own Auction ???
I have been playing around with the idea of starting my own auction / fleamarket right here on one of my blogs. Bidding could be done by leaving a comment which I would post on the blog. I see no reason why it would not work, do you ? You trust me ? I wouldn't lead you up the garden path, would I ? In all honesty though that's what it would be based on - trust. I'm going to give it a go and start off with a few small easy to post my blogs for a new one........Krazy Kelvin's Auction & Fleamarket. Items will have a starting bid as well as a "buy now" price. Everyone welcome to bid. NZ bidders / buyers pay in folding stuff into my bank account; overseas bidders who have friends in NZ can get them to bid on their behalf or if you don't have friends and I know you, I'll let you pay in "what have you" - meaning you let me know what you have to offer and what you think it's worth and post it to me. I'll post the item/s to you - do a swap based on old-fashion trust !!! All we can do is give it a try and see if it works.

No One Told Me
Many many moons ago, when I was young & krazy (now I'm older, but still krazy) and I first heard of the word fleamarket, I thought what the hell are they talking about. I had never heard of a fleamarket before in my life. I thought why the hell would someone go to a market to buy fleas. So.........(don't laugh, remember I was young & krazy) I ran outside, grabbed the cat, took it back inside and shoved it in the face of the mates girlfriend and said for all the world to hear........why go to a fleamarket to buy fleas, when you can have all the fleas you want for......FREE. I can still picture their faces as the tears rolled down in fits of laughter. (Talk about thickkk. Well, that ws the first time I heard the word "fleamarket" in my life.......and yes, we are still mates to this day)

November - 2 Auctions, all $1 Starting Bids On Zillion

Zillion - Start Saturday 1st / Close 8pm Friday 7th (50 Assorted items)

A51. Briefcase – Black & Brown Leather / Cloth lined. German Solingen brand.
A52. DVD – Movie, Virus
A53. DVD – Movie, St.Elmo's Fire

A54. DVD – Luciano Pavarotti in Concert,Modena, Italy 1987 & book,“Pavarotti My World”.
A55. DVD – Movie, i,Robot (Will Smith) 2 Disc Collectors Edition

A56. CD – Music, Damm Girl / Jonny & The Robba 2005
A57. Book – Get Creative Kids Crafts (New N)
A58. Book – Favourite Muffins,Biscuits,Cakes & Slices (N)

A59. Book – Year-round Recipes for Crockpots & Slow Cookers by Simon & Alison Holst.
A60. Book – Lonely Planet Southeast Asia (Excellent - Ex)
A61. Book – Classic Essential Chocolate Recipes & 220g bar of Dark Chocolate
A62. Book – A Father's & A Mothers Little Instruction Book (Both Good - Gd)
A63. Book – 100 Wok Dishes (Ex) 100 Mexican Dishes (Gd)
A64. Book – Best Loved Cats of the World (Ex)

A65. Book – Test Kitchen Favourite Meals by Tui Flower.
A66. Book – Aromatherapy for Health,Beauty & Well Being (Ex)
A67. Book – Aromatherapy Massage and Yoga (Ex)

A68. Book – One For The Road Vogue Guide to Non Alcoholic Drinks (Gd)
A69. Book – Climbing & Wall Plants; Planning a Small Garden (Gd)
A70. Book – Traditional English Gardens (Gd)

A71. Book – Tapestry A Basic Introduction & Textiles For Modern Living 3rd Edition (Gd)
A72. Book – The Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner with 200+ recipes (Ex)
A73. Book – Victoriana Diary 1993 (Ex) Great pictures for scrapbooking.
A74. Book – The Great Resorts Drink Book (Ex)
A75. Book – Machines; Reptiles; The Ancient World (3 Books, all Excellent)
A76. Magazine – A-Z of Cheats & Codes for gaming,148 pages,New. Cost $12.50 Never read.
A77. Soft Toy – Donald Duck
A78. Soft Toy – Bee Pouch 30cm
A79. Soft Toy – Frog – Did It
A80. Soft Toy – Poo Bear x 2 & Small Book
A81. Soft Toy – Furskin Bear
A82. Soft Toy – Frog 19cm
A83. Soft Toy – Bearded Man 34cm (G'day from Australia on the front)
A84. Soft Toy – Dinosaur 28cm
A85. Soft Toy – Dolphin
A86. Soft Toy - “Dwarf” / Walt Disney 20cm
A87. Soft Toy – Big Cat ? 75cm tall. Pick-up 25 km from Westgate, north on State Highway 16.
A88. Drink Bottle Holder Bag - Great for a “runner”. Belt & zipped pocket for keys/mobile.
A89. Storage Holder – Has lots of pockets and fits over back of car seat (New)
A90. Tool Set – 40 piece, in plastic storage box. Hardly ever used, looks new.
A91. Ball – 2 pairs gloves. Ball covered in fabric / gloves have small Velcro dots.
A92. Bear Backpack – Zip catch broken, but my little fingers still work the zip
A93. Hotwater Bottle – with yellow bear cover. (Wrong time of the year, but?)
A94. Wall Fishing Rod Holder – Holds 3 rods. New. Included Fishing Tips mag.
A95. Thermal Blanket – Great for camping; in the bush or carry in car. New
A96. TV Cabinet with glass doors (Size – 68cm long/39cm wide/46cm high)
A97. Safety Vest – Fluro Orange, with reflective stripes. Size - Medium? New
A98. Walkman (Sony) with Phillips headphones.
A99. T.Shirt – Slazenger, Size M. Has number 12 on the back. Looks New

A100. T.Shirt - Polo Jeans Company Ralph Lauren Est.1967 (Once Loved)

More details & photos when I list them for auction on Zillion. The items I have highlighted in BOLD I would consider bids from international bidders

Zillion - Start Saturday 15th / Close 8pm Friday 21st (20 NZ Books)

A1O1. Beyond Reasonable Doubt / David A. Yallop
A102. From The Hills Above Taiamai / John Stirling
A103. A Man's Country / Jock Phillips
A104. Flight of the Albatross / Deborah Savage
A105. Ewing's Phone People ll / Ewing Stevens
A106. One Man's Journey / Ewing Stevens
A107 You might be ugly but you're nice / Geoff Sinclair
A108. Bread & Roses / Sonja Davies
A109. Memories of Muldoon / Bob Jones
A110. Out of The Bag / Selwyn Toogood
A111. Out of the mist & steam / Alan Duff
A112. Michael Campbell Creation of a Champion / Martin Crowe & Craig Tiriana
A113. Super Sid – the story of a great all black / Bob Howitt
A114. Diary of a Fat Man / Paul Jeffreys
A115. Aotearoa Television – the inside story / Derek Burns
A116. Stand Up & Shout – Kiwi Success Unplugged / Alastair Ferguson
A117. First Knights (of the Roundtable )/ Paul Harris & Linda Twiname
A118. First Past The Post / Edited by Brian Phillips
A119. Earth Worms In NZ / Amy Brown
A120. Practical Smallfarming in NZ

More details & photos will be included when I list them for auction on Zillion

December – 1 Auction with $1 Starting Bids
Zillion - Start Saturday 6th / Close 7pm Friday 12th (80 Items / #A121 - #A200)
Items will be new or near new, suitable for xmas gifts / stocking fillers.

If you are winning bidder of 1 item,I will include xmas gift wrap to wrap the item Delivery cost would be $3.

If you are the winning bidder of more than one item, I will include enough gift wrap and a small gift card for each item.
Delivery cost would be $3 for the first item and $1 for each additional item.

As I “find” items suitable, I will list the details here.............

Friday, October 3, 2008

You Can Let It Out Now.......

K.I.S.S - Keep it simple stupid, is what I am trying to do as I don't want to confuse anyone more than necessary. Anyone is welcome to copy my way of thinking when it comes to selling items at auction.
The following details are not set in concrete (so to speak) as I am still finding my way around auction sites. This may be my first but certainly not my last auction.

My auctions on Zillion might have a 7 day time limit.
Any items not sold after 7 days may be either -
1. Re-listed for a further 7 days
2. Withdrawn and re-listed on Zillion at a later date.
3. May be listed on another auction site.
Although my auctions are only for people living in NZ, I welcome feedback / comments from international friends reading this. You might have friends in NZ who can bid on your behalf. It is easy for them to join Zillion, if they aren't already members.
Once I have worked out the method of how international bidders make payment, I will open up my auctions to other countries. I may even be open to swapping things with international bidders. More on that later.
Do check out Zillion's other sellers as some do allow international buyers. Most of the other NZ based auction sites, do not allow international bidders.

Selected items will have "a buy now" price.
Auctions will close off on Fridays at 8pm.
Once the auction has closed, that's it - no auto-extend.
When the auctions close, items that have sold will be packed.
When payment is received in my bank account, items sent.
I will be using Kiwibank, as there's one in most areas of NZ.
Photos will be included once the items are listed on Zillion.

Items sent via NZ Post -
Cost for postage & packaging $2 - $3 per item (unless otherwise stated)
Items sent Courier Post -
Cost for courier & packing will be $5 - $6 per item.
As this is my first ever attempt at an auction,I'm not 100% sure about postage & courier rates, packing, etc. I am sort of going off what I have read on other members auctions. It will all come out in the wash, so to speak.

The following 50 items will be listed on my Zillion auction site, at 8pm on Friday 10th October. It may take me a few hours to list them all.
The auction will close at 8pm Friday 17th October.
Photos will be included once the items are listed on Zillion.

Bidders from other auction sites can bid on up to 10 items without having to join Zillion. (someone will correct me, if I'm wrong) If you are from another auction site, join for the fun of it, because there are bargains to be had, not only from me, but other members as well. Don't forget to have a look in "the mad house" forum.

Clothing, Caps,etc: N - New; LN - Looks New (This is where I am not too sure and do not want to put New); OL - Once Loved (I like the term, "once loved", rather than "used")

$1 starting bid on all items
1. Vodafone/Sagem 226 Mobile with sim card/charger & hands free.
Comments - Scroll down for photo and more details. I'll even include my other 021 mobile number if you want it, so you text me.
2. T.Shirt (Size M) Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok (Condition - Looks New?)
3. T.Shirt (S) Kauri Museum (Condition - Once Loved)
4. T.Shirt (M) Bora Bora Brew (OL)
5. T.Shirt (M) Reebok (OL)
6. T.Shirt (M) Body Shut Down (LN)
The message on this shirt reads - "This system is shutting down. Urgent reboot and input of beer needed. No work will be saved. I don't do windows".
7. T.Shirt (L) World Tournament of Surfing, Fiji (OL)
8. T.Shirt (XXL) Sinh Cafe (Map of Saigon on back) (OL)
9. T.Shirt (Size 12) "No Rules" wording on the front. (LN)
(Will show photo of the back of t.shirt, once listings are moved over to Zillion, as on the back are the words - "If there's a rail, there's a way - no rules - find it, grind it")
10. Cap - Manua Beach, Rarotonga (LN)
11. Cap - Tiki Surf, Hawaii (LN)
12. Cap - NY (Blue/White lettering) (OL)
13. Cap - Surfers Paradise (N)
14. Small Heart Shaped Wall Plaque
15. Wall Fishing Rod Holder (Will hold 3 rods)
16. Mobile Phone Holder - Looney Tunes
17. Organizer Booklet - Fur Covered
18. Sm.Wooden Flower/Leaf Press
19. Truckers - One of those things that you fix on your steering wheel (I just can't think of what it is called, but photo will explain all)
20. Cuff Links x 2 Pairs (One pair made in England - very strange in that there is a small chain that holds the two pieces of the cuff link together)
21. Tie Rack Holder/Brush/Shoe Horn (They call it a "spanker" - don't ask me why, but they do. Maybe it's the brush. I'll include photo of box & contents as the box looks old. No ties included)
22. Football Socks x 3 Pairs (New) About size 8 / 9 ?
23. Pk.6 Cork Drink Coasters / W.Australia
24. Small Round Dish/10cm across (Red Tailed Black Shark on it)
Kaiser, w.Germany 515 on the back. Also has a #17 on it.
25. Place Mats / Fabric (2 Pink/2 L.Yellow - 48cm x 32cm) New
26. Large "Pad-lok" alarm, including 9v battery (made in Japan)
I cannot work out what you would use it for - maybe place over doorknob ?)
27. Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags x 5. Suit early models - Z302/301/96/94/91/87/85/65 - U165/173/178/179/196/200/203/204
28. Miele Vacuum Cleaning Bags x 3 / Micro filter x 1 (More details about the models they fit, will be listed on auction site)
29. Grey wool steering wheel cover

Condition of Books: N - New; Ex - Excellent; Gd - Good; Fa - Fair; Po - Poor
(I'll only use this term, where the cover of the book is ripped or separated, as with #44)
Details of the number of pages, author, size of book, country, etc will be supplied on my Zillion auction site.
Please note - Books I am offering have had their covers cleaned with a soft damp cloth; most price labels have been removed and any sticky residue cleaned off.
(I don't know about you, but if there's anything I hate, it's a book which has every man & his dog's grubby paw prints all over it.)

30. Book/Ex - The Internet for Dummies (Australian 2nd Edition)
(I have left the $47.99 price sticker on the back cover)
31. Book/Ex - Recipes Kids Can Cook
32. Book/Gd - Herbs In New Zealand
33. Book/Ex - Setting Up Your Own Wine Cellar
34. Book/Ex - The White Gull Inn / Centennial Cookbook
35. Book/Gd - Play The Game / Baseball & Softball
36. Book/Ex - Beginner's Guide To The Home Computer
37. Book/Gd - Popular Card Games / How to play and win
38. Book/Ex - Airshow USA
39. Book/Ex - Floral Cake Decorating
40. Book/Fa - Gardens To Visit In New Zealand
41. Book/Ex - How To Play Rugby League (Australian)
42. Book/Fa - How To Win Friends & Influence People
43. Book/Ex - Publish For Profit
44. Book/Gd - Microwave Cooking For Today's Living
45. Book /Fa - How to Boil An Egg & More
46. Five small recipe books (Fair & poor)
Comment: Cannot see any date. Would have to be at least 40-50 years old ?
47. Magazine - Horticulture News x 3 (2008 July/August/Sept)
48. Magazine - NZ Motorhomes Sept.08/NZ Trucking June 08
49. Soft Toy - Grandma Bear (She looks very cute with her hat/dress & little glasses. Will be sorry to see her go. Update - just sat on her, by accident of course and "found" if you squeeze her left paw, she lets out a squeak)
50. Soft Toy - Reggae Dolphin. This is the first & last chance that this little dolphin has, to find a new home. If not, he will be "swimming" home to Kingston, Jamaica. He is 21cm long, reggae colours, complete with knitted hat, dreg locks and sunglasses.

The first winning bidder to complain will be sent a banana to put, "where the sun don't shine" !!! Hopefully a few of the items will find new homes as I need to stock up on bananas.

Coming up...........more $1 starting bids, to be listed on my Zillion auction site, (hopefully) on Saturday 18th October, with the auction closing at 8pm on Friday 24th October.
A New Magazine (untouched by grubby hands) A-Z of Cheats & Codes / 148 pages. Sells in shops for NZ $12.50; A Solingen briefcase made in Germany, as new condition, completely bound in leather / cloth lined inside - too flash for a krazy monkey to just carry his banana's around in; a Sanyo walkman, with Phillips headphones & 2AA batteries(headphones have #SBC3329 on the sides); a big soft toy, which I still have to measure and put on the scales. He is going to have to be a "pick up", because if I carted him into the city on the bus, I would have to buy him his own ticket; a 2005 CD of Jonny and the Robba / Damm Girl. (I was flatting with them at the time. One of the Mint Chicks, who I met several times is the drummer on this CD); plus more books including a Lonely Planet Southeast Asia 12th Edition March 2004. Sells in shops for about NZ$50 ?; plus more soft toys, looking for good homes and a few DVD's.

I keep digging around in the sawdust in my head and uncovering all sorts of weird & wonderful things I can sell. I'll try and make a list shortly of the next lot. There may not be 50 as I might just replace those items sold.
You all come back now........and tell your friends.

Why Zillion ?

Kia Ora, Out of all the auction sites I checked, this was the only one where I really felt at home, so I joined them about 3 or 4 days ago. There were a bunch of sleepy heads when I first got there, but I soon roused them from their beds ! (hehe)

Pay them a visit........ http//
You will have to join as a member to look around, but it's worth it, believe me.

As they have welcomed me into the fold, I am sure they would welcome anyone. Some of the members even welcome international bidders. I will, once I get my head around everything I need to know about the international side of things.

As you all know, because I am a little krazy, it takes me just that little bit longer to get my brain into gear. What I intend to do, is to list items here first and then sort out what items I will list on my Zillion auction site. I will make a note of which items I have moved to Zillion and just keep adding more to the list. If you happened to see any item/s that are listed here, that tickles your fancy, leave a comment and I'll make sure to movethe item/s across to Zillion for you to bid on. Some of the items will have a buy now price, but none will have a reserve price.

Until the end of the year, all the items I list will have a $1 starting bid. What can Krazy Kelvin hope to find in the trees to sell ? Well you will just have to hold it, until I start lisitng the items. To start with, anything I list will only be available to people in NZ.

My name at zillion........what else but - krazy kelvin. Until I start listing items on Zillion, you will find me in my new home there in the community - the mad house. I was lucky I wasn't barred, even before I had warmed my seat, as my first post at the mad house was "I only have a little co....??? (hehe)

It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind !!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sagem 226 - $1 Starting Bid

I have another 021 phone, so this one has to go !!! Bidding will started off at $1, as will the other 49 items I will be listing as soon as I can, on my Zillion auction site. The other items will be "once loved" t-shirts, books, computer magazines, with disc and other bits & pieces.
The phone is less than one year old and will be supplied complete with sim card, battery charger and those things you poke in your ear / hands free thingy whch I have never poked in my ear. No one has ever phone me on the number as it was a spare sim card. These phones sell in NZ for around $89 - $99.
My auction on Zillion, once I start listing items will only be open to New Zealand people, but there are other Zillion members who allow international bidders.
Auction selling is all new to me, but once I get the hang of it, I will look at the idea of selling to international bidders.

Manufactured by Sagem, but packaged and sold as a Vodafone branded handset.

The 226 is an entry-level handset sold as a prepaid phone and aimed at first-time users, or those after a second mobile phone. Its best feature is its compact, but well built design. The 226 will easily slip into any pocket or bag, and its lightweight means you'll barely notice carrying it. It features stylish chrome edging and a leather style rear plastic cover – the latter's surface means it won't slide around a desk too easily.

Importantly, although it's small and very lightweight, the 226 feels reasonably well constructed. The plastic build feels sturdy and definitely seems capable of taking a few knocks and bumps. Using the 226 couldn't be easier, as Sagem has got the controls almost spot on. A five-way navigational pad bears the grunt of the work along with two selection buttons and answer and end call keys. The keypad is flat, but the large, well spaced keys ensure you'll have no troubles punching out long-winded SMS messages.

As far as usability goes, the 226 is excellent. The simple menu and interface is well laid out and the row of menu icons makes it easy to access. Submenus are laid out in a simple list format and browsing the phone is easy enough thanks to the navigational pad.

I will list the 50 items here asap

1. Vodafone / Sagem 226 phone with Sim card, battery charger & ear thingy's