Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sagem 226 - $1 Starting Bid

I have another 021 phone, so this one has to go !!! Bidding will started off at $1, as will the other 49 items I will be listing as soon as I can, on my Zillion auction site. The other items will be "once loved" t-shirts, books, computer magazines, with disc and other bits & pieces.
The phone is less than one year old and will be supplied complete with sim card, battery charger and those things you poke in your ear / hands free thingy whch I have never poked in my ear. No one has ever phone me on the number as it was a spare sim card. These phones sell in NZ for around $89 - $99.
My auction on Zillion, once I start listing items will only be open to New Zealand people, but there are other Zillion members who allow international bidders.
Auction selling is all new to me, but once I get the hang of it, I will look at the idea of selling to international bidders.

Manufactured by Sagem, but packaged and sold as a Vodafone branded handset.

The 226 is an entry-level handset sold as a prepaid phone and aimed at first-time users, or those after a second mobile phone. Its best feature is its compact, but well built design. The 226 will easily slip into any pocket or bag, and its lightweight means you'll barely notice carrying it. It features stylish chrome edging and a leather style rear plastic cover – the latter's surface means it won't slide around a desk too easily.

Importantly, although it's small and very lightweight, the 226 feels reasonably well constructed. The plastic build feels sturdy and definitely seems capable of taking a few knocks and bumps. Using the 226 couldn't be easier, as Sagem has got the controls almost spot on. A five-way navigational pad bears the grunt of the work along with two selection buttons and answer and end call keys. The keypad is flat, but the large, well spaced keys ensure you'll have no troubles punching out long-winded SMS messages.

As far as usability goes, the 226 is excellent. The simple menu and interface is well laid out and the row of menu icons makes it easy to access. Submenus are laid out in a simple list format and browsing the phone is easy enough thanks to the navigational pad.

I will list the 50 items here asap

1. Vodafone / Sagem 226 phone with Sim card, battery charger & ear thingy's