Saturday, October 18, 2008

Krazy Kelvin Auction News - Oct / Nov. '08

Fifty Up & Running.........
Fifty - $1 starting bid items finally listed in my first ever attempt in selling on an auction site. There were times when I thought that I would never get there, but I have done it. If you live in another country, but have friends in NZ, tell them about my auction on Zillion. Ask them to bid on your behalf if there is something you are interested in. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get myself sorted and be able to accept your bids. Things that are easy to post, that fit into an A5 or A4 envelope.

My Own Auction ???
I have been playing around with the idea of starting my own auction / fleamarket right here on one of my blogs. Bidding could be done by leaving a comment which I would post on the blog. I see no reason why it would not work, do you ? You trust me ? I wouldn't lead you up the garden path, would I ? In all honesty though that's what it would be based on - trust. I'm going to give it a go and start off with a few small easy to post my blogs for a new one........Krazy Kelvin's Auction & Fleamarket. Items will have a starting bid as well as a "buy now" price. Everyone welcome to bid. NZ bidders / buyers pay in folding stuff into my bank account; overseas bidders who have friends in NZ can get them to bid on their behalf or if you don't have friends and I know you, I'll let you pay in "what have you" - meaning you let me know what you have to offer and what you think it's worth and post it to me. I'll post the item/s to you - do a swap based on old-fashion trust !!! All we can do is give it a try and see if it works.

No One Told Me
Many many moons ago, when I was young & krazy (now I'm older, but still krazy) and I first heard of the word fleamarket, I thought what the hell are they talking about. I had never heard of a fleamarket before in my life. I thought why the hell would someone go to a market to buy fleas. So.........(don't laugh, remember I was young & krazy) I ran outside, grabbed the cat, took it back inside and shoved it in the face of the mates girlfriend and said for all the world to hear........why go to a fleamarket to buy fleas, when you can have all the fleas you want for......FREE. I can still picture their faces as the tears rolled down in fits of laughter. (Talk about thickkk. Well, that ws the first time I heard the word "fleamarket" in my life.......and yes, we are still mates to this day)

November - 2 Auctions, all $1 Starting Bids On Zillion

Zillion - Start Saturday 1st / Close 8pm Friday 7th (50 Assorted items)

A51. Briefcase – Black & Brown Leather / Cloth lined. German Solingen brand.
A52. DVD – Movie, Virus
A53. DVD – Movie, St.Elmo's Fire

A54. DVD – Luciano Pavarotti in Concert,Modena, Italy 1987 & book,“Pavarotti My World”.
A55. DVD – Movie, i,Robot (Will Smith) 2 Disc Collectors Edition

A56. CD – Music, Damm Girl / Jonny & The Robba 2005
A57. Book – Get Creative Kids Crafts (New N)
A58. Book – Favourite Muffins,Biscuits,Cakes & Slices (N)

A59. Book – Year-round Recipes for Crockpots & Slow Cookers by Simon & Alison Holst.
A60. Book – Lonely Planet Southeast Asia (Excellent - Ex)
A61. Book – Classic Essential Chocolate Recipes & 220g bar of Dark Chocolate
A62. Book – A Father's & A Mothers Little Instruction Book (Both Good - Gd)
A63. Book – 100 Wok Dishes (Ex) 100 Mexican Dishes (Gd)
A64. Book – Best Loved Cats of the World (Ex)

A65. Book – Test Kitchen Favourite Meals by Tui Flower.
A66. Book – Aromatherapy for Health,Beauty & Well Being (Ex)
A67. Book – Aromatherapy Massage and Yoga (Ex)

A68. Book – One For The Road Vogue Guide to Non Alcoholic Drinks (Gd)
A69. Book – Climbing & Wall Plants; Planning a Small Garden (Gd)
A70. Book – Traditional English Gardens (Gd)

A71. Book – Tapestry A Basic Introduction & Textiles For Modern Living 3rd Edition (Gd)
A72. Book – The Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner with 200+ recipes (Ex)
A73. Book – Victoriana Diary 1993 (Ex) Great pictures for scrapbooking.
A74. Book – The Great Resorts Drink Book (Ex)
A75. Book – Machines; Reptiles; The Ancient World (3 Books, all Excellent)
A76. Magazine – A-Z of Cheats & Codes for gaming,148 pages,New. Cost $12.50 Never read.
A77. Soft Toy – Donald Duck
A78. Soft Toy – Bee Pouch 30cm
A79. Soft Toy – Frog – Did It
A80. Soft Toy – Poo Bear x 2 & Small Book
A81. Soft Toy – Furskin Bear
A82. Soft Toy – Frog 19cm
A83. Soft Toy – Bearded Man 34cm (G'day from Australia on the front)
A84. Soft Toy – Dinosaur 28cm
A85. Soft Toy – Dolphin
A86. Soft Toy - “Dwarf” / Walt Disney 20cm
A87. Soft Toy – Big Cat ? 75cm tall. Pick-up 25 km from Westgate, north on State Highway 16.
A88. Drink Bottle Holder Bag - Great for a “runner”. Belt & zipped pocket for keys/mobile.
A89. Storage Holder – Has lots of pockets and fits over back of car seat (New)
A90. Tool Set – 40 piece, in plastic storage box. Hardly ever used, looks new.
A91. Ball – 2 pairs gloves. Ball covered in fabric / gloves have small Velcro dots.
A92. Bear Backpack – Zip catch broken, but my little fingers still work the zip
A93. Hotwater Bottle – with yellow bear cover. (Wrong time of the year, but?)
A94. Wall Fishing Rod Holder – Holds 3 rods. New. Included Fishing Tips mag.
A95. Thermal Blanket – Great for camping; in the bush or carry in car. New
A96. TV Cabinet with glass doors (Size – 68cm long/39cm wide/46cm high)
A97. Safety Vest – Fluro Orange, with reflective stripes. Size - Medium? New
A98. Walkman (Sony) with Phillips headphones.
A99. T.Shirt – Slazenger, Size M. Has number 12 on the back. Looks New

A100. T.Shirt - Polo Jeans Company Ralph Lauren Est.1967 (Once Loved)

More details & photos when I list them for auction on Zillion. The items I have highlighted in BOLD I would consider bids from international bidders

Zillion - Start Saturday 15th / Close 8pm Friday 21st (20 NZ Books)

A1O1. Beyond Reasonable Doubt / David A. Yallop
A102. From The Hills Above Taiamai / John Stirling
A103. A Man's Country / Jock Phillips
A104. Flight of the Albatross / Deborah Savage
A105. Ewing's Phone People ll / Ewing Stevens
A106. One Man's Journey / Ewing Stevens
A107 You might be ugly but you're nice / Geoff Sinclair
A108. Bread & Roses / Sonja Davies
A109. Memories of Muldoon / Bob Jones
A110. Out of The Bag / Selwyn Toogood
A111. Out of the mist & steam / Alan Duff
A112. Michael Campbell Creation of a Champion / Martin Crowe & Craig Tiriana
A113. Super Sid – the story of a great all black / Bob Howitt
A114. Diary of a Fat Man / Paul Jeffreys
A115. Aotearoa Television – the inside story / Derek Burns
A116. Stand Up & Shout – Kiwi Success Unplugged / Alastair Ferguson
A117. First Knights (of the Roundtable )/ Paul Harris & Linda Twiname
A118. First Past The Post / Edited by Brian Phillips
A119. Earth Worms In NZ / Amy Brown
A120. Practical Smallfarming in NZ

More details & photos will be included when I list them for auction on Zillion

December – 1 Auction with $1 Starting Bids
Zillion - Start Saturday 6th / Close 7pm Friday 12th (80 Items / #A121 - #A200)
Items will be new or near new, suitable for xmas gifts / stocking fillers.

If you are winning bidder of 1 item,I will include xmas gift wrap to wrap the item Delivery cost would be $3.

If you are the winning bidder of more than one item, I will include enough gift wrap and a small gift card for each item.
Delivery cost would be $3 for the first item and $1 for each additional item.

As I “find” items suitable, I will list the details here.............